Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Trinkets: Five O'Clock Crows Textiles

All future baby shower gift shopping, done!

I have mentioned Sara Hopp Harper's work before in this blog, but now I can share some photos I recently took of her new line of baby quilts. When I cut open the big brown cardboard box fresh from the postman, I was blown away by the goodies inside.

Sara is the brains & brawn behind 5 O'Clock Crows, hand-dyed batik cotton linens and textiles. She designs the patterns, paints on the wax, concocted lusciously-named (cherry pop, peacock, gold sand) colorways and dyes the fabric in big vats all by her VERY talented self. The fabric alone is artwork. But then - the overachiever - she uses the fabric to make gorgeous tea towels, quilts & other practical masterpieces. You can buy it on Etsy, 1000 Markets or email Sara for commissioned work.

When she started a baby line, she naturally turned to me for photos of her wares. First little bundles of joy? Baby quilts. They are super-soft as well as brightly colored to stimulate your budding genius's spongelike mind. You are all getting the first look at my photos which will soon be expanded to include photos with real live babies cavorting on the quilts. Stay tuned!

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