Friday, March 5, 2010

March goals: In like a lion

All about the Benjamins (or in this case, Sophies)

Whew! Made it through February into an already crazybusy March. Yes, that's a word now.

A look back at my goals for February :
1. Focus on Bakery's Half-Dozen business course - Very much so! Did business plan, press kit, marketing plan (although I think this has to be redone), added Press section to my site, generally kept up with the Bakery assignments 
2. Take photos for our local wine bar's website - no, and I really should because I could use a drink
3. Reach out to people I admire for more support & ideas, including adding a blog-roll here - done!
4. Blog ahead more - done!
5. Schedule 3 in home shoots - done! Although 1 was a party, it counts.

February was pretty exhausting, work-wise and life-wise. The shortest and bleakest month (in NYC anyway), I dealt with 2 big snowstorms, job interviews, photographing a corporate portrait shoot, a friend/former co-worker's sudden death, movie contest, and grandparent visit. Short month my arse. I'm very glad it's over.

One goal I hadn't listed but accomplished was to find a new photo editing assignment. As of Tuesday, I've been working for Frommers doing some travel photo editing for their site. I'm trying to compress the 30 hours per week into 3 days onsite and so far so good. It gives me 4 days home for hanging out with my daughter & husband and OH YEAH scheduling photo shoots.

On to March & my more time-limited goals:

1. Focus on end of Bakery's Half-Dozen business course & organize all the material they provided
2. Take photos for our local wine bar's website
3. Reach out to people I admire to guest blog
4. Blog ahead more
5. Schedule 4 in home shoot (one down already)
6. Enjoy my office work even if it triggers insane wanderlust

Hope everyone has a fabulous month!

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  1. Wow, great February Kristin... and I too thought there would be more dialogue happening with the class, but I have to say I have gotten SO much out of it, and maybe the students dialoguing would have been distracting, who knows... I wish you HUGE success for March, and congrats on the Frommer's gig...