Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fun: Child-friendly Street Art

Playful posies patch potholes - Photo of Pete Dungey's project, "Pothole Gardens"

 I realize municipalities are forced to do more with less. But the crumbling infrastructure leaves cities looking worn and sad. Leave it to 2 artists working on other sides of the world to find beautiful ways to shore up some cracks in the surface.

Over in Britain, Pete Dungey is planting miniature gardens in potholes. The Pothole Gardens project encourages others to fill in the unfilled potholes in their area with pretty little bunches of plants. After reading about him on Apartment Therapy, I checked out Pete's website to discover that he's a design student in Brighton whose work tends to the site specific provocative bent. Depending on your feelings on the word "Rabbit," you'll probably enjoy his other work too.

Legos line ledges - photo of Jan Vormann's Dispatchwork 

 Back stateside, artist Jan Vormann is filling in holes of a different sort in New York City buildings with Lego bricks. Gothamist posted a few photos, but check out Vormann's site for several more of his Dispatchwork project. I especially like the jaded city folks' reactions. 

I'm going to be on the lookout for more artists dealing with public spaces creatively. There's something sweet and optimistic about the 2 installations - both in the childlike materials and the colorful designs.  Let me know if you've seen more examples in your city.

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