Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday: A Little Prairie House

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Honestly, my daughter loves the whole collection of "My First Little House" books - adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder's stories of growing up in Wisconsin and moving out to the Kansas prairie - so picking just one was difficult. Living in New York City, I have a hard time understanding how tales of covered wagons, sewing patchwork quilts and building your own house are so entertaining to my citified baby. But I'd go beyond entertained to transfixed.

Why A Little Prairie House over equally beloved Dance at Grandpa's or Going to Town? While Going West - where Pa decides (apparently without Ma's input which will provide a lesson on equality of the sexes soon enough) to move the family out to Kansas - is the biggest tear-jerker of the bunch, A Little Prairie House combines the best qualities of Ingalls Wilder's writing in one short story. By focusing on Laura - the 5 year old middle daughter - the wonder, fear & excitement of venturing into unfamiliar territory are easy to identify with even years and miles apart.

Plus it has Mr. Edwards who can dance like a jackrabbit and spit farther than Laura could imagine. Nice!

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