Sunday, August 19, 2012

Halloween Costumes: Inspired from the past

Never too early to think about Halloween costumes. Some interesting options from a Fancy Dress book from 1887. I like Air and Dresden China for myself. Why don't more children dress up as a Gleaner or Justice? Warning, definitely dated and possibly slightly racist. Italians and Spaniards be warned.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Local photo reception

Raccoon © Kristin Burns
Last night was the Xbestpix photo contest reception in Sunnyside. One of my photos was featured, so we braved the cold to check it out. Lots of fun - good food, wine, and best of all a chance to talk with other area photographers.

Tried in vain avoid glare on the print
It was very cool to see photos of our neighborhood - one was from the 1940s - from photographers who clearly love it here. The funny part was that it was a blind judging and people could submit from anywhere so only 4 photographers were actually Sunnysiders. Turns out there were over 200 submissions and only 10 photos picked, which made for very strong work.

The host, TDS (Technical Digital Services) does high end printing and design & they naturally did a great job on the mounted prints. Can't wait to take mine home soon. The show prizes were from the Chamber of Commerce and I also got a citation from the City Council, so it was a very civic-minded night. All the winner photos will be up on the Chamber's site soon if you'd like to check them out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

My little girl snuggling tight - Patrick Burns 2010
Hooray, it's 2011! I spent the second half of 2010 launching a new TV entertainment site. Which was fun. But a bit sad since I love photographing babies and there was no time to breathe, never mind market my work. I did do a few shoots for repeat clients and some charity work, but I can't wait to get back to focusing more on my photography in 2011.

This year, my goals, in no particular order are:

Team up with other photographers & child-friendly businesses
Make time for friends, near and far
Travel more (see above!)
Tackle some large-scale redecorating and organizing projects in our home
Plan trip to Greece
Get out of my neighborhood more to enjoy NYC
Schedule more days of mini-shoots
Find a good yoga studio that is convenient enough I'll actually go
Take another trip sans child
Learn some new creative projects to do with children

Seems like a lot once I write them out, but it's mostly fun stuff. Last year was all about business goals - taxes, contacts, even finding good childcare and preschool for my daughter. Now that I feel like I have the right people in place, I've got to get out there and enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho-ho-Holiday Boutique

Julian at last year's event © Kristin Burns

I've been busier than a Kardashian at a shoe sale, so pardon the last minute quality of this post. Our local park is hosting a fundraising Holiday Boutique on Sunday and you should all come. I'll be taking Santa photos (free to take, $5 for a print) so stop by and sit your little one's kiester in Santa's lap without trekking to the mall.

Sunnyside Gardens Park Holiday Boutique
Phipps Social Hall 
51-01 39th Avenue
Sunnyside, NY 11104
Sunday December 5th
10AM - 4PM