Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

My little girl snuggling tight - Patrick Burns 2010
Hooray, it's 2011! I spent the second half of 2010 launching a new TV entertainment site. Which was fun. But a bit sad since I love photographing babies and there was no time to breathe, never mind market my work. I did do a few shoots for repeat clients and some charity work, but I can't wait to get back to focusing more on my photography in 2011.

This year, my goals, in no particular order are:

Team up with other photographers & child-friendly businesses
Make time for friends, near and far
Travel more (see above!)
Tackle some large-scale redecorating and organizing projects in our home
Plan trip to Greece
Get out of my neighborhood more to enjoy NYC
Schedule more days of mini-shoots
Find a good yoga studio that is convenient enough I'll actually go
Take another trip sans child
Learn some new creative projects to do with children

Seems like a lot once I write them out, but it's mostly fun stuff. Last year was all about business goals - taxes, contacts, even finding good childcare and preschool for my daughter. Now that I feel like I have the right people in place, I've got to get out there and enjoy it!

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