Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May goals (as in "may" get done...)

In like a lion

Well, looky here! It's already May. If you'd like to join our Monthly Meetup check-in, post your goals to Athena Dreams blog the first Monday of the month.

I truly enjoyed April - lots of family events, plenty of work and general running around. The weather was either pouring rain or gorgeous, so those sunny days meant we HAD to get outside and explore our neighborhood. My daughter is a pure joy to watch hoofing down the sidewalk, usually on the way to the park, a look of concentration easily broken by whatever (cat, dog, car, motorcycle, squirrel, baby, bike, truck, etc.) catches her fancy. Sometimes the walk there was longer than the time at the park. 

Work-wise, I did OK. Still doing my photo editing assignment for a travel publisher 30 hours a week, which is my main time commitment. Also did a family photo shoot and plan for more this month. Got some business planning done too, include new pricing (effective after 5/31) to reflect my market and budget research. Still feel like I could be hustling more, but when all of my childcare time is used for photo editing, the photography work has to come when I can make time.

A look back at April goals:
1. Finalize pricing changes (update site, facebook) - done, need to publish
2. Contact past clients (assemble email list, write email detailing new pricing/return client discount) - done
3. Photograph wine bar - nope, but tried to get in touch with owner - try harder this month
4. Pursue guest bloggers - nope
5. Enjoy the outdoors - done!

On to May:
1. Publish new pricing
2. Schedule 2 days of lower-price-point mini-sessions
3. Pursue guest bloggers
4. Research craft fairs (unfortunately cannot do the 2 where I could have shared a table) 
5. Plan a few summer adventures, both professionally & personally

The last one has me the most excited. I'd really love to book some out-of-town photo shoots for this summer and will talk with friends/contacts to find someone who'd like to host. Other than Boston and NJ, I've mainly shot in NYC. Friends in other cities - let me know if you'd like to set something up.


  1. Yay for "may", and yeah, my list is a bit ambitious this month, let's see what actually comes of it! Love your idea for getting some out of town photo shoots going, mix some travel with some work, nice! Have a great month Kristen!

  2. great job! keep up the great work for may! i like your #5 - summer adventures are always the best!

  3. I like your #5 goal too - I need to do more of that! I get such horrible workaholic tunnel vision - it's no good. I think I need to take some inspiration from you.

    I hope your month has been productive so far! :)